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When you arrive

Upon your arrival at Tita's Cakes, a courteous member of our staff will kindly request your surname and first name. In the event of any discrepancies with your order, they may seek additional details for verification purposes. It is highly recommended that you retain a copy of the receipt, which was conveniently sent to your email following the completion of your purchase. This receipt contains all the pertinent information necessary to facilitate a smooth pickup process.

Running Late

Rest assured, should you happen to miss your designated pickup time, we will take the initiative to contact you and ensure that it has not slipped your mind. However, in all other instances, you have the flexibility to collect your order at any time before our closing hours.

Arriving Early

To maintain the utmost freshness, our cakes are prepared and carefully packaged each morning. Given the high volume of orders at Tita's Cakes, we regretfully cannot always accommodate changes to pickup times. It is important to note that certain orders may not be available for pickup until the designated time slot.

Picking Up For Someone Else?
Someone Else.png

If you are collecting an order on behalf of someone else, kindly ensure you have a copy of the receipt with you. The receipt contains all the essential information required to facilitate a seamless pickup process. This simple step will enhance the efficiency of order collection and minimise any potential delays.

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